At the crow of the cock she wakes to do the uncommon prayers.
She prepares the palatable puddings for her family
And does not forget to put a smile on her children’s faces.
After the other chores she is ready for the day’s work.
Diligently she executes her task.
She is praised among many.
Faithful instructions are on her tongue and she speaks with wisdom.
Her feet never treads the path of the dark kingdom.
Daily she extends her hand to the poor,
And grooms the pauper into a purpose-driven personality.

She has not the world as her vision
And so she is out of confusion.
She snatches men from the path of hell fire,
They become vessels of the Holy Ghost Fire.
Strength and dignity are her clothing,
So she laughs at the time to come.

Many women show beauty in their adornment
But your beauty goes beyond that.

Wisdom Mawuli Awuttey


When the veil falls off your eyes

You will realize the extent of His Love.

Once the veil is taken you cannot live an old life.

You have been ushered into a life of newness.

Take a step to reciprocate His graciousness.

The former lord deprived you of goodness and kindness.

During those moments of darkness,

You were blind and acted wickedly.

So you knew not forgiveness.

Come boldly to the House of Grace

To be privileged to sit and dine with the men of Grace

That you too may see His Light on your face

And give glory to the Giver of Grace.


How long have you lingered?




One last call and you may lose

The warmest embrace that brings solace.



Wisdom Mawuli Awuttey



Hell enlarges because of the desire of men.

The underworld gapes greedily.

The higherworld loses gradually.

Hell gapes with a straining throat

While the church looks on in astonishment.

Depression and frustration characterized that dungeon.

“Salvation and liberation from manipulation,” declares the Master Surgeon.

“In hell is all manner of delight,” says the liar.

‘Where there is no heaven, everything is worthless,’ pleads our Father.


Where are you?

Choose wisely.

One leads to eternal damnation

The other leads to liberation.



Wisdom Mawuli Awuttey