Declarations November 2022 –
(The God of the Eleventh Hour)
1. Father I thank you for this month of November the month of eleventh hour miracle
2. I thank you for the miracle ahead of me this month according to your prophetic words and works
3. I decree faith, power and peace is my portion in the name of Jesus Christ
4. I decree in this month any dead area of my life is receiving new life in the name of Jesus Christ
5. I declare in this month of 11th hour I’m for signs, wonders and miracle in the name of Jesus Christ
6. I choose to select
– faith over fear
– favor over disfavor
– health over sickness
– life over death
– purpose over confusion
– power over slavery
– strength over weakness
– fulfillment over emptiness
– abundance over lack
– purity over sin
7. I stand by the authority and power in the name of Jesus Christ to receive the power of God for my breakthroughs
8. I declare this 11 times in this season of the eleventh hour that
– God will supply me with spirit and work miracles in my life
9. In this month of November I shall not be ashamed in the name of Jesus Christ
10. I decree that in the midst of the global economic instability the greater grace of God will give me victory
11. I decree in this eleventh month that I will possess the words and power of Christ for signs and wonders
12. I position myself for breakthroughs, signs and wonders
13. I position myself for divine encounter and favor
14. I position myself for discernment, sound mind, prosperity and fruitfulness
15. I thank you Jesus Christ

Rev. Nathaniel Kingsley Entsie


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